WEAT Southeast Section: Call for Abstracts

WEAT Southeast Section: Call for Abstracts

The WEAT Southeast Section is here to serve its members by encouraging meaningful continuing education and networking for the local industry at large. In an effort to keep our members well-informed of the most up-to-date happenings within our industry from across the Houston area, WEAT Southeast is soliciting abstracts for presentations, nominations for facility tours, and ideas for section meeting venues for the July 2020 – May 2021 section meetings. We would like to hear from you to help us generate new exciting topics for the coming year’s program and nominate facilities worthy of a tour for local professionals. Note: All 2020 meetings would be virtual meetings.

Our yearly calendar provides bi-monthly section meetings alternating with facility tours and/or site visits. Section meetings consist of a networking period followed by a one-hour meeting and technical presentation. If a tour or site visit is scheduled, then after lunch we travel to the facility to meet with the operators and learn about the latest technology or a significant rehabilitation just completed.

Please consider submitting a brief abstract for consideration by our section leadership as we set the calendar for the coming year. To ensure education opportunities to our broader membership base, we ask you to submit abstract in one of the following categories:

      • 1) Municipal resource recovery and design
      • 2) Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls
      • 3) Utility Management/Asset Management/Work Order Management
      • 4) Communications/Public Outreach
      • 5) Operation and maintenance

If you are nominating a tour of a municipal facility or venue for a section meeting, please include your contact information and a brief write-up of why this facility or venue should be considered.

Abstracts will be accepted through July 10, 2020. Please submit your responses directly to Keval Satra, Section Meeting Chair at ksatra@hrgreen.com  Applicants selected will be notified and details confirmed at least six to eight weeks in advance of the meeting, presentation, or tour.

Subject to current or future public meeting restrictions because of COVID-19, the anticipated months for 2020/2021 Section meetings are as follows:

    • July 2020 – Virtual Meeting
    • September 2020 – Virtual Tour
    • November 2020 – Virtual Meeting
    • January 2021
    • March 2021
    • May 2021