Typically, each November, WEAT, and TAWWA host a charity event where all proceeds benefit Water For People. WEAT’s mission to benefit society through the protection and enhancement of the water environment, as well as foster professional growth and development,  aligns with those of Water For People. Water for People is a global non-profit organization, dedicated to delivering water and sanitation for every family, school, and clinic in which it works. In their pursuits, Water For People helps gain district-wide matching support, empower women, and employ locals.

The event is held at St. Arnold Brewing Company. It provides an opportunity for local professionals to network with peers ranging in all levels of experience and concurrently facilitates and promotes the importance of water around the world. In 2018, attendance included over 70 professionals; and, with the help of 13 generous sponsors, the event raised over $4,000 in donations.

2018 Sponsors:


Join us on October 30, 2019, from 6-8pm for a night of drinking beer, enjoying delicious food, and networking with other industry peers all while raising money for future water and sanitation projects in undeveloped communities. Root beer is provided for those not looking to drink.

Contact Jose Mendiola (MendiolaJG@bv.com) or Corey Evans (EvansCC@bv.com) for any inquiries.